Frequently asked questions about plumbing

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about plumbing, roofing, drainage and gasfitting. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, if your query isn’t listed, or you’d like an obligation-free quote, call us.

You can use the following method to determine if you have leaky pipes:

  • Turn off all taps (indoor and outdoor)
  • Record the numbers on your water meter
  • Don’t use any water for at least an hour (this includes toilet flushing)
  • Re-record the numbers on your water meter

If you see the numbers on your water meter turning or you notice they have increased during the hour, you may have a leak. We can investigate, find the leak, and fix it for you, fast. Leaking pipes can waste a lot of water over time. Save yourself from skyrocketing water bills and call us if you suspect you’ve got a leak.

Often the cause of a blocked toilet is just waste and toilet paper. A lot of the time this type of blockage can be fixed with a plunger or drain-clearing chemical. If this isn’t successful, give us a call, we’ll have your drains cleared and toilet flushing properly again in no time. Other materials that can cause a toilet to get clogged include:

  • Sanitary pads/tampons
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton balls

Avoid flushing these items down the toilet as they do not dissolve easily and will clog your system if flushed regularly.

Gas leaks can be very dangerous and need to be seen to immediately, follow these instructions if you suspect you have a gas leak:

  • Turn off all gas appliances including pilot lights
  • Turn off gas at the mains valve or on your gas cylinder
  • Open up all windows and doors to air out the room
  • Do not use any naked flame
  • Call a certified gasfitter

Typically, a roof replacement takes between 3–5 days, but this can vary depending on the size of the property, weather conditions and other factors. Matt Walsh Plumbing will keep in close communication with you during your roof repair or new roof build and advise of any delays.

If you do lose something down the drain turn off all water so it can’t be flushed away and then call us. Your piece of jewellery might be stuck in the trap, if so, we’ll be able to retrieve it.